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Red Panda

COMMON NAME: Red Panda SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ailurus fulgens TYPE: Mammals DIET: Herbivores AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: 8 years SIZE: Head and body, 20 to 26 in; tail, 12 to 20 in WEIGHT: 12 to 20 lbs SIZE RELATIVE TO A 6-FT MAN:

ABOUT THE RED PANDA The red panda is dwarfed by the black-and-white giant that shares its name. These pandas typically grow to the size of a house cat, though their big, bushy tails add an additional 18 inches. The pandas use their ringed tails as wraparound blankets in the chilly mountain heights.
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English Project : The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Hello... check out the video that me and my friend have made down here. It's about the historical building Pisa in the country of Italy...

While I waiting for my parents, I meet Shofi.
Shofi   : Hi Fira, what are  you doing here? Fira     : Hi Shofi, Im waiting for my parents.               How about you? Shofi   : I am waiting for a bus. Fira     : By the way, holiday is near. What will you do for your holiday next week? Shofi   : I will visit my grandfather's house, my aunt's house, my uncle's house, and my cousin's                         house. Fira     : WOW! There are lot of plan for your holiday vacation. Where are their house? Is that far? Shofi   : My grandfather's house is in Cirebon, my aunt's house is in Tasik, my uncle's house is in                       Kebumen, mu cousin's house is in Surabaya. How about your holiday? Do you have any                     plan? Fira      : I think I will have a world tour with my family. Shofi    : Really? That must be fun! Fira      : I know right. Actually it's been a long time me and my family want to go there, but because              …

My Helper

One day when it''s raining,the school bell rang and that means time to go home.

Because it's raining I have to wait untill the rain stop and also I don't bring an umbrella.  It makes me wait untill a couple fo hours. School is getting quiet and I have not been home yet. All my friend's have gone home, but there are some who have  not been home yet. 
My parents can not pick me up because they are so busy working, so I have to wait untill the rain stop.  I'm getting tired of waiting and no friend to talk with because my best friends had gone home. Then there was my classmate who came to me. 
Her name is Sinta. I'm so glad that she hasn't been home yet bacause I'm so bored. She asks me why I'm not going home, then I said that I forgot to bring umbrella. Then suddenly she took the umbrella out of her bag and gave it to me. 
I'm very happy that she lent me her umbrella for me. After a while we talk, I go home with her umbrella. That was the most …


In the first day of school, Shofi has arrived in class X MIPA 3. Not so long after that, Zhafira comes

S  : Hello, good morning!
F  : Morning too! Is this chair seated?
S  : No it's not.
F  : May I sit here?
S  : Yes sure, have we meet before?
F  : Really?
S  : Yes, I saw you waiting for your parents two days ago.
F  : Oh yes, I remember that.
S  : May I know your name?
F  : Sure, my name is Zhafira but you can call me Fira. What's your name?
S  : My name is Shofi. What school are you from?
F  : I am from 44 Junior High School
S  : I am from 8 Junior High School
F  : By the way, where do you live?
S  : I live in Andir Tengah, Ujungberung
F  : May I know your hobby?
S  : Yes sure, I like listening to the music.
F  : Really? I love it too.
S  : What kind of music do you like?
F  : Pop, do you like it too?
S  : Yes. And how about your favorite song.
F  : My favorite song is Despacito. Do you know it?
S  : Of course, everybody know it.
F  : It's really nice to meet you, Sofi. …

The Story of My Life

Allow me to introduce my name is Zhafira Farah Sabrina. You can call me Fira.
I was born in Bandung, 26 October 2001. When I was 3 years old, me and my family moved to Palembang because of my parents job. I studied at IGM Elementary School Palembang, after I graduated, I moved again to Bandung and studied at 44 Junior High School Bandung. Now I study at 3 Senior High School. I live with my family at Dago Timur Street number 19 A. My hobbies are listening music, watching horror movies, swimming, and also I love watching Korean Drama. I have no sibling, cause I'm the only child in my family. :)

My daddy works as a Chef on a cruise ship. Sometimes I go with my father to the cruise ship. The scenery from the ship is very beautiful. I love the open ocean, I felt relax when I looked at the beautiful scenery. My mother is not working, she became a housewife. When I finished studied at school, my mon usually picked me up and took me home or  took me shopping at the mall.

I usually ge…